Paithalmala Hills , Kannur , Kerala

Paithalmala Hills , Kannur , Kerala

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Nearest Bus Station : Pottenplave (Buses are available from Taliparamba. KSRTC is running several buses to Pottenplave from Kannur depot otherwise we will get the other services like jeep etc.).

Nearest Railway Station : Kannur railway station.

Nearest Airport :Kannur International Airport / Calicut International Airport / Mangalore International Airport.

The hill top can be reached from two different directions; pottenplave (near Kudiyanmala) and Kappimala (Near Alakkodu). However, trekking from pottenplave is preferred because of the all-weather motorable road from pottenplave till the beginning of the forest, where the trek starts. There are upcoming resorts on this route too. The drive from Kudiyanmala till Paithalmala valley is refreshing as the winding and narrow road takes you to the higher elevations. Cars can be taken here without a second thought too. Parking at the valley is not guarded but generally safe.
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  • Paithalmala  is a hill station in the Kannur district of Kerala in India.
  • It is 1372 m above sea level
  • It is the highest geographic peak in Kannur