How it works

How it Works

                                                 The primary focus of How2reacH is to help fellow travellers by providing them information on how a tourist place can be reached .  People who already visited the place help us to do so.They provide us details of their travel to that place which includes ,  from where did they start the journey,  by which modes of transportation , which bus or train they took ,alighted where , etc etc…This information can be helpful for those who wishes to visit that place in future . 

To search the ways to reach a particular place (First time traveller)

Search by name or location with proximity from the homepage search bar .There is also an  option to filter by category.

Up on going to the corresponding page of the place after a successful search , you can find the information provided by other travellers about how they reached that place.

  Other informations about the place can also obtained from a separate tab called details.

 To add ‘your way’ to the tourist spot (who already visited)

If the place is already listed in how2reach

Search for the place as mentioned in the above case

You can add ‘your way’ to reach the place by filling the form provided .It will be added in the page after approval .

Please try to provide maximum details about the ways to reach the place 

If the place is not listed in how2reach

You can also suggest a place, to add in how2reach by clicking on ‘suggest a spot‘ link provided in the footer menu of the  website